The  Triumph  Herald

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The Triumph Herald

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A compilation of classic films from the Archives of the British Motor Industry Heritage Trust re-mastered for DVD.

The Triumph Herald, though innovative in its own way, suffered from being launched at the same time as the revolutionary Mini. Nevertheless, with its excellent visibility and small turning circle, the Herald would be remembered by many as the car in which they learned to drive.

Greet the Day (1959)
Dealer presentations such as this one, held at the Albert Hall in April 1959, were the equivalent of the modern Press Launch. This amateur film gives a unique flavour of the showmanship of the occasion which featured a group of apprentices assembling a running vehicle from scratch in minutes.

A New Experience in Motoring (1959)
The Triumph Herald was introduced to the public as ‘a new experience in motoring’ and this documentary, narrated by Raymond Baxter, records the epic run of two prototypes (accompanied by other Standard-Triumph products of the period) the length of the African continent from Cape Town to Tangiers.

New Herald 1200 Series (1961)
Prototypes of the new 1200 series are put through their paces at MIRA while production techniques are shown on the new Canley production lines. This film seeks to re-assure customers about reliability since the early Heralds sadly proved to be somewhat troublesome.

Total running time approximately 81 minutes

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