Dependable  Austin

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Dependable Austin

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This series of beautifully produced fi lms from the 1930s was made by the Austin
Motor Company for invited audiences at special cinema shows. Settle back in your
seat while you enjoy a trip round the Longbridge factory to see how the modern
motor car was crafted, then go on the road with the 'Dependable Austin' as it
takes a trip around the world.


Men Who Work
A day in the life of the Longbridge Factory

Here’s to Power
Development and production of Austin engines

Springtime in Southern Spain
The Austin Ten on a Continental tour

Silent & Certain
The mysteries of the Austin gearbox explained

Jungle Gods
An Austin 10 discovers the delights of Ceylon

When the Solder Sets
Maufacture and testing of radiators for the Austin range

Within the White Line
How precision manufacture builds safety into every part of Austin vehicles

As Time Goes By
A history of transport on land, sea and in the air

Secret Service
Manufacture and development of the Dunlop tyre for Austin cars

Total running time approximately 90 minutes

(c) British Motor Industry Heritage Trust