Best of  Rover in the  Sixties

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Best of Rover in the Sixties

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A compilation of classic original promotional films from the
Archives of The British Motor Industry Heritage Trust re-mastered for DVD

Assignment P6 (1963)
This carefully crafted drama, worthy of Hollywood, reveals the secrets of Rover’s ‘P6’ - the codename adopted for the Rover 2000 project. This film provides a fascinating insight into the way a new car is designed and its launch into the emerging ‘aspirational’ market of the young executive. It shows the creation of a whole new assembly plant and concludes with rare footage of prototypes on test and pre-production cars being driven the length of Europe.

The 35th Monte Carlo Rally (1966)
Perhaps the most eventful Monte Carlo Rally ever. The arduous event was made more memorable than ever by the appalling weather conditions and the
infamous disqualifi cations of many of the British entrants, most notably the three Mini Coopers which finished ahead of the field. In the midst of this mayhem, Geoffrey Mabbs and Jim Porter managed to drive their Rover 2000 to a victory in its class, thus saving some British pride.

Engineered For Protection (1968)
The Rover 2000 was the 1964 European Car of the Year and won awards for its safety engineering, which were carried over onto its sister Rover 3500 model (P6B). These qualities are superbly demonstrated here as the car tackles the test circuit and undergoes rigorous crash testing in spectacular fashion.

Total running time 51 minutes approximately

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