Best of  MG  2

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Best of MG 2

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Code: A153485

Historic MG films digitally remastered for DVD including period adverts and previously unreleased footage.


The MGA caused a sensation when it was launched and soon proved itself in competition. Nancy Mitchell used it to become only the second Englishwoman to win a coveted Coupe des Alpes in 1956. Witness the development of MGA twincam from the EX 182 prototype which raced at the 1955 Le Mans, through to its final testing at the challenging proving ground of MIRA.

Away from the racing circuit, join brave Stirling Moss sweeping across the white sands of the Bonneville Salt Flats of Utah in the streamlined EX181 using an engine based on the MGA twin-cam. He succeeded in breaking five international Class F records with an average two-way top speed of 245.64 mph.

On into the 1960s, the MG 1100 kept up the sporting tradition. In footage firmly aimed at the US market, a young American couple on an English holiday run into British racing driver Graham Hill by pure chance on a day trip to Goodwood. Of course he is delighted to treat them to a test drive in the latest MG wonder!

And finally, speed on into the 1980s in the feisty 6R4, the Group B rally version of the MG Metro with specially adapted bodywork.

Titles featured:

- Safety Fast (1950)
- Ladies First (1956)
- Of Time and Speed (1956)
- MG Does It Again (1957)
- Sports Car of the Year (1958)
- Magic Carpet (1962)
- 6R4 Update (1986)

Total running time 1 hour 10 minutes approximately

(c) British Motor Industry Heritage Trust