Austin  Precision  Engineering

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Austin Precision Engineering

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This series of beautifully produced films from the 1930s was made by the Austin Motor Company for invited audiences at special cinema shows. Watch the 'Precision Engineering' which the Longbridge factory prided itself on, then follow the completed cars as they take to the race track and embark on a tour which takes in the length and breadth of England.


The Pace That Thrills
Designing and building Austin Seven twin-cam racing cars

Precision Makes Perfect
Precision engineering techniques at the Longbridge factory

Cornwall Calling
On holiday in Cornwall with an Austin-powered Yacht

Here's To Comfort
The interiors of Austin cars

Nature's Charms
A family picnic is an excuse to show the Austin range in idyllic settings

Non Stop Utility
The many uses of Austin engines

Over The Hills
An Austin Eight being tested in the Lake District in colour

Total running time approximately 90 minutes

(c) British Motor Industry Heritage Trust